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Honeysuckle: relates to the principle of capacity for change and ability to establish links. In the negative state the connection with the current life is poor. Lack of inner mobility, great homesickness remedy, glorifying of the past, difficulties in overcoming the loss of a loved person.

Mimulus: relates to the soul potential of courage and confidence. In the negative state someone is afraid of specific things (spiders, dogs, mice, illness, pain, death, future, accidents….): Shyness, timidity are Mimulus symptoms, person becomes ill easy when faced with the things one is afraid of.

Mustard: relates to the soul qualities of cheerfulness and serenity. In the negative state depression descends like a dark cloud. Melancholia for no apparent reason, these feelings come out of the blue sky.

Star of Bethlehem: relates to the soul potentials of awakening and reorientation. In the negative state a person remains in a mental and spiritual half-dream, sort of an inner numbness. It is indicated after all physical, mental and spiritual traumatic experiences

Rescue Remedy:

It is the most widely known of the Bach Flower Remedies. It helps to prevent or quickly overcome energetic traumata.

The components of Rescue Remedy are:

Star of Bethlehem (Trauma), Rock Rose (terror and panic), Impatiens (irritability and tension), Cherry Plum (fear of losing), Clematis (daydreamer remedy also for the tendency to “pass out”)


FES Quintessentials, Orchid Essences (Amazonas Remedies)

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