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Mikao Usui was a minister and a principal of a Christian school, Doshisha University, in Kyoto, Japan in the mid 1800's. His students continually questioned why Healing was not part of their missionary education. Usui could not answer their question and decided to leave the University to educate himself about it.

He searched through ancient Chinese Holy writings and eventually made his way to Northern India where he continued his search. He returned to Japan and continued his studies. After many years of learning and research he discovered some ancient symbols in the Buddhist Sutras which appeared to contain some of the answers to his questions.

He discussed the matter with the abbot of the monastery in Kyoto where he lived at this point and they decided that he had to go up the nearby Holy Mountain of Kuriyama just outside Kyoto to fast and meditate for 21 days. He laid out 21 stones as some kind of a calendar. Each day Usui picked up one stone, praying and asking to reveal an understanding of the Sanskrit symbols n the Buddhist Sutras.

On the last day of the fast Usui finished his meditation, opened his eyes and looked up into the dark sky. Suddenly he saw a beam of light coming towards him and it burst upon him. It struck him in the middle of his forehead and knocked him to the ground. He felt at that moment as though he had died. Then he saw millions of colored bubbles of pink, blue, lilac and all the colors of the rainbow. The Sanskrit symbols appeared to him in gold in front of his eyes. This was the beginning of the Usui method of natural healing which we know as Reiki.