Sonja Poeltl-Cernik
Reiki Master/Teacher
Traditional Usui System
Homeopathy and Flower Essence Consultations


“I had a traumatizing experience involving one of my children that took my breath away for years – literally. I have been breathing into my abdomen and never let it come up to my heart.

During my Reiki attunement I felt my breath creeping up my lungs right into my heart. It released old emotions tied to my trauma and I couldn’t even start to explain how relieving that felt at that point. Right now I am on my way to my old powerful self.”

“I have an autistic son who is now 11 years old. We have struggled for years with schools and our whole environment to integrate him and build a normal life for him – as normal as it can be for somebody with autism.

First I went for Reiki treatments for me – which was a healing story in itself. After that I brought my son in because I felt it was the right thing to do to balance my son’s system. We also started him on homeopathic remedies. That made a big difference already.

I was stubborn for a while to learn it myself. Finally I found my way - after I learned Reiki myself I started treating him every single day and within about a year he changed significantly. Now he has good grades for the first time in his life and he is loved and appreciated by his classmates. He is to this day very receptive to Reiki and actually asks for a treatment like other kids ask for a cookie as a treat.”

“My own healing story is very interesting. I came in one time for a treatment not exactly knowing what to expect but I knew in my heart I had to have one. I repeatedly came for Reiki treatments because it made me feel better. One time I had severe shoulder pain and went to the doctor without any success. He didn’t exactly know what was wrong with me and prescribed muscle relaxers and painkillers. I refused to take them and called for a Reiki treatment appointment right away from the doctor’s parking lot. As it goes Sonja was actually in at this point and could treat me right away. It was one of the longest treatments I have ever had. I left pain free and was without pain for some hours that evening.

Later that night it came back and I thought to myself that I was grateful for the few hours of relief. I had the weirdest dreams and tossed and turned but in the morning I woke up without any pain at all and felt as if I worked through very old emotions and issues in my sleep – I knew I finally let go of old patterns and Reiki helped me through that by activating my self healing powers and balancing my system.”

"I wanted to share with you my latest Reiki experiences. Yesterday evening I was working with the woman who I treated for headaches. She had told me the other day that she had no further headaches since the last treatment.

Anyway, yesterday she had jaw pain that was so severe she had gotten one of the doctors to write her a prescription for a narcotic pain reliever. I suggested that I give her a treatment before she left. I just worked on her jaw and throat area, and swept her aura. When she stood up she said "nothing". At first I thought she meant that the treatment had no effect. Then she told me the pain was completely gone, and she could open and close her jaw normally. (All without the aid of the narcotics!)"

"Today I gave a treatment to one of my cats who is very ill. She is at the point where I am considering whether it is time to have her euthanized. After the treatment I put her back in the cage. When I checked on her a little while later she had eaten more than she has in days, and was drinking water, which she hasn't been doing."

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